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The Proposed High Speed Rail Network (HS2) and Debt in the United Kingdom

There is currently a high speed rail network (HS2) being proposed in the United Kingdom. The high speed rail network would have the main station in London with other stations in the English Midlands, North West England and West Yorkshire. A Scottish HS2 extension has been proposed as well. The first phase between London and [...]

Leeds Councillors Considered Bus Station Loan

In 2012, Leeds councillors considered a loan to help fund a new bus station in the city. This may sound strange to some, but in recent years, local government finance has been at the fore of the government’s austerity measures, and it is unlikely that Leeds City Council could have afforded the new station without [...]

Railway Stations In London

If you are finding best train station then you should find out in London which has one of the best transport system in the world and with a huge volume of trains are running for the benefits of customers and most of the train stations are very famous in London city for best services.One of [...]

Taking the Strain out of Catching the Train

Travelling by train is no longer one of the cheapest forms of transport that it once was. Prices for tickets have increased greatly, in some cases doubling, with yearly increases promised as regularly as clockwork. However, travelling by train remains popular since it is still one of the most comfortable forms of public transport and [...]